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Work/Life Balance… Is there such a thing?

I feel like there is always a lot of talk about work/life balance. I’m really not sure there is such a thing.

From my perspective, I get to do what I LOVE every single day. So, I think it is completely different from many other positions or for those who may not be loving their career. I feel like if I have a lot going on at work (say the STRONG 45 Challenge that is going on right now), it takes up a lot more time than usual. But, I LOVE doing it and I’m always trying to improve the program and make it better than the previous one to help individuals improve their health. But, this program also takes time away from the family. Just last night I missed putting my boys to bed. Now, fortunately or unfortunately, my 2-year-old refused to go to bed for my wife, and as soon as I got home (an hour past his bedtime), I was able to get him down quickly.

Now, on the weekends if I totally disconnect from the gym life and only focus on family without busting out the computer and working on something, then my stress levels go up, and I fall behind, and then I’m running around like a chicken with my head cut off for the rest of the week.

So, I’m really not sure if there is such a thing as work/life balance, but for me, it is about blending the two. That way, there can be a balance, and I’m not taking away time from one or the other. For the past two years, things were challenging with a second kiddo who wasn’t sleeping through the night, so it became pure survival mode. With the New Year, I’ve been able to blend everything together. Weekends have consisted of hiking, mountain biking, and rock climbing. I’ve had one or both boys and my wife with me for all of these outdoor adventures with members of the gym. I think it has really made a difference in that work/life balance and not feeling guilty when putting more effort into one versus the other. It truly is a balancing act, and I think as a gym owner, it is probably one of the easier businesses to blend with family and make them a part of it.

Everything I do and think about has to do with health and fitness. From cooking to our family activities and my passions, it is all I do 24/7.

I do think the whole work/life balance thing is a bit bullsh*t. If you focus on one, something else falls (at least when being a small business owner). I’d be curious to hear what other small business owners think when it comes to work/life balance as well as thoughts on those who work for big corporations.

Do you have work/life balance in your current position or previous position? Would love to hear!


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