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Exciting new changes for The Doc & The Jock...I need your help!

As I continue to navigate and get a better understanding of this world of PODCASTS, I’m excited to say that Season 1 is coming to an end on Monday! 

The reason for the excitement is we will be launching Season 2 very soon. But, this time we will be adding many GUESTS to our PODCASTS! We will have other local health professionals joining us, some of our own clients/patients and their success stories. I have 3 professionals lined up right now to chat with us…but, I’m going to keep these 3 a secret, for now ;) All I can say is that I am very excited to talk to all of them!

Here is where I need YOU!

  1. Is there a local health professional that you would like Dr. Kim and I to sit down and chat so that you can learn more? (or are you one?!)

  2. What topics would you like us to cover?

  3. Are you a mutual client/patient of Dr. Kim and I… if so, would you be willing to get interviewed and share your experiences and success story with everyone?

Please send me an email if you have any ideas!

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