intuitive eating

   Understanding balanced nutrition to achieve your natural healthy body weight without eliminating the foods you love.  We will use an effective tool called - The Hunger Scale to allow you to become an intuitive eater.  In this’s all about mindfulness....there are no bad foods. 


   Welcome to the program that will give you true food freedom while achieving your goals.  Proper nutrition is essential when you are putting the effort in at the gym- most people do one or the other....most times we neglect the nutrition because it seems too complicated and restrictive.  Go home...throw away your diet books...and get ready to transform from the inside out.  In 5-days, we will learn the basics of intuitive eating.  If you like it- buckle you’re seatbelt....we are now offering the complete program to end emotional eating...the eating that keeps you stuck.  The reason you cannot maintain your results...

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