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Community Partners

ANCHOR’s unique sense of place extends beyond the walls of our gym. From bringing in medical professionals and local chefs for member seminars to working with local schools, sports leagues, and non-profit organizations to empower students and athletes, are on a mission to build a stronger, healthier community. 

Here are just a few of our community partners that we are proud to work with:

ANCHOR life + fitness collaborates with various community partners in Kennett Square and beyond. We strive to enrich our members’ experience and knowledge by hosting education seminars throughout the year with guest speakers from the fields of functional medicine, nutrition and wellness. Our community partners are an extension of our mission and share our passion for improving the health of others through their respective areas of expertise. We also work closely with other small, like-minded businesses to provide our members with locally-sourced, nutritious products that you can pick up on the go to help you stay on track with your nutritional goals. 


Over the years, we have also partnered with various sports leagues, schools and nonprofit organizations to share our knowledge and love for health and fitness with members of our community. 

Community Partners

Meghan Morley, LPC from Cognitive Pursuits

(Philadelphia, PA)

As part of our Spring 2023 Transformation, Cognitive Behavior Therapist Meghan Morley led a discussion on the four cognitive shifts that can help create lasting behavior. During this insightful discussion, ANCHOR members learned about cognitive distortions that thwart motivation and consistency, practical methods of stress management, and approaches to relapse prevention that will help you cultivate a long-term healthy lifestyle.

Ask the Doctor Night with Dr. Eun Kim from Total Integrative Health

(Greenville, DE)

ANCHOR members taking part in our Spring 2023 Transformation Challenge participated in a dynamic discussion with Dr. Eun Kim, Board Certified Family Medicine Practitioner. Dr. Kim and her team take an integrative approach to medicine and look at the mind, body, and spirit versus a collection of symptoms. She shares a similar passion for empowering others through knowledge and a personalized approach to optimize their health so they can live their best life.

Eat Like A Human with Modern Stone Age Kitchen

(Chestertown, MD)

Charlene Richardson discovered Modern Stone Age Kitchen on a trip through Chestertown, MD a couple of years ago, and she’s been their biggest fan ever since. They make everything 100% from scratch, relying on traditional approaches to make food as nourishing and delicious as possible using local ingredients, high-quality fats, and no refined sugars. Lucky for us, Dr. Bill Schindler, owner of Modern Stone Age Kitchen, has graciously made the trek to ANCHOR a couple of times for cooking demos and nutritional seminars, for which we are all thankful and better nourished.

Local Goodness from Farmer and Co.

(Unionville, PA)

Located only a stone’s throw away from ANCHOR in the historic village of Unionville, Farmer & Co is a coffee bar, artisanal market and garden focusing on local and sustainable organic provisions. As of Spring 2023, we are proud to offer their delicious Energy Bites at our gym, with more local goodness coming soon.

Finishing Strong with Kennett High School Track & Field

(Kennett Square, PA)

As the Head Coach of Kennett Track & Field and Cross Country I had been telling my athletes for the last few years to hit the weight room to become stronger and more fit. It was never even a thought in my early years coaching. I believed that weight training would bulk up my runners making them slower. However, I started seeing the other runners in District 1 looking more defined in their arms, legs and back and finishing races off better than our team. So with that, I started to preach about getting in the weight room either here at school or perhaps one of the local gyms. I would get with them from time to time to try and help them or see what they were doing but not seeing any results. This past October after needing to get myself stronger after an eighteen-month battle with cancer, I enrolled in a program at Anchor Life & Fitness. I knew the owner Charlene Richardson from when she was a Coach here at Kennett Soccer. She and her excellent staff helped me with getting stronger and more fit, something I was failing at the local gym. My appreciation of this very knowledgeable staff and how they were able to transform me made me think that if I could get my teams the proper training with regards to strength, we could make the turn and start “finishing” our races. We enrolled our first group of twenty athletes during the Winter T&F season for eight weeks, coming twice a week running down from the high school. The results after the first four weeks were amazing as our team members were dropping PR’s almost every race. At the start of the Spring Season, we added 4 more weeks but instead of one-hour sessions we added an extra forty-five minutes of mobility training for them. Our athletes really like the work they do there. They feel good about themselves, their confidence is up and the results show it. 

Thank you, Charlene and the entire Staff at Anchor Life & Fitness!

Coach Ram

Kennett Head Coach XC/T&F

Strength Training & Conditioning with After-The-Bell

(Landenberg, PA)

After a long day of learning at Kennett Middle School, students enrolled in the school’s free after-school program board a bus and head over to ANCHOR life + fitness from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. for some fitness and fun. In addition to providing a safe, enriching environment for these students, ANCHOR coaches teach them foundational movements, instill confidence, and provide an outlet for their endless energy.

"I loved the activities they were fun!"
"The instructors are nice and they run fun workouts."
"I enjoyed it." 
"The students are nonstop from the moment they arrive and looks like they all have fun and the staff is very friendly." 
—Dolores (volunteer)
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