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At ANCHOR life + fitness we are dedicated to improving our athletes performance. 

We remove all the guesswork from athletic training, improving their strength, speed and skill. Our custom training plans are tailored towards injury-proofing the athlete, getting them stronger, faster, and all the while improving their self-confidence going into their respective sports season.

We train 6th graders to college athletes in our group classes.  The size of groups is always limited to ensure quality coaching and instruction in each of the sessions. 

Our training is organized into a 13-week block; however, you will be billed monthly. 

​Open to athletes in 6th - 12th grade and college

Unlimited Plan = $199.99

Limited (2x per week) = $179.99

13-week Winter Block, 3/13/23 - 6/5/23

M - Th @ 4:30 pm + Sunday Yoga Classes

*Reminder - Any missed sessions for any reason may not be rolled over into the following month(s).*

2023 Athlete ENROLLMENT Registration

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