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What can we say? Training athletes is our jam. We love working with student-athletes to increase their strength, power, speed and agility so that they can perform their best on the field, court, track, ice, pool . . . or wherever your respective sport takes you. We remove the guesswork from athletic training by creating a specialized plan to help you become a stronger, faster and more well-rounded athlete and keep you injury free. 


Core Values

Sports Performance Training

Stronger Athletes Make Better Athletes

With strength training, you increase your body’s ability to apply force. This matters because when you increase your lower body’s ability to apply force to the ground, you can jump higher, run faster, kick the ball harder, etc. The same goes for the upper body. You can throw harder, push and pull harder, and become a far greater athlete to dominate your sport. 


Our group classes are organized in 13-week blocks and are open to athletes from 6th grade to college. The size of groups is always limited to ensure quality coaching and instruction in each session. Our sports performance athletes receive a combination of strength training, performance training and mobility work for injury prevention.



Designed for high school juniors, seniors, and college athletes, this program offers customized workouts to target your specific goals and prepare you for your next season. Our expert Sports Performance Coaches will lead sessions focused on strengthening weaknesses, maintaining mobility, and enhancing speed and strength.

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