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FEB 5th - MAR 16th


ANCHOR life + fitness

"Strong 45" isn't just a fitness challenge; it's a 45-day journey towards a healthier, more resilient version of yourself. Whether you are a seasoned lifter or a beginner, this challenge is crafted to meet you at your current health & fitness level to drive you a stronger version of you!

Important Dates:

1/29: Kickoff Meeting at 6PM (SIGN UP HERE)

2/5: Officially Begins/Nutrition Seminar 6PM 

2/6: "Revitalize Your Well-being: A Journey Through Detoxification" with Dr. Kim - 6PM

2/19: Mid Point Check-in all Week

3/20: Strong 45 Ends + Final Measurements

About the Event

This program is all about real, sustainable results. You will get stronger and lift heavier weights...safely; surrounded by a group of individuals who want to see you succeed. The focus of this program is detox. At the core of this program is a unique detox approach, distinct from conventional programs. Guided by a Functional Medicine Doctor, we prioritize a holistic detoxification process, aimed at supporting your body in preventing diseases. The flexibility lies in your hands as you choose the intensity of your detox journey.  Our expert coaches will accompany you every step of the way. Let's go!


What you get:

  • Before/After Measurements and pictures

  • Daily Healthy Lifestyle Habits to Complete

  • Nutrition Seminar with Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Charlene Richardson

  • Detox Talk with Dr. Kim, Functional Medicine

  • Mid-Point Check-In Meeting

  • Unlimited ANCHOR Fit & Active Recovery Classes

  • 12 Small Group Personal Training Sessions with custom program

  • Weekly Nutrition Accountability Checks

  • Weekly Challenges to Complete

Non-Member Pricing = $499.99

Member Pricing = $249.99

Member with a Non-Member Friend = FREE!

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