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Real, Sustainable Results

The journey to reach your health and fitness goals begins with a strong foundation. We are really not interested in any fitness fads or quick weight-loss schemes. No, thank you. We set you up for success by getting back to the basics with simple movements–bracing, hinging, squatting, carrying, pushing, pulling–that progress over time as we work toward your goals. Our holistic approach keeps you strong and healthy in mind, body and spirit so you can conquer anything life throws your way. That’s it. Nothing fancy. Just real, sustainable results.

We look forward to creating a well-rounded, personalized program with your specific goals, lifestyle and schedule in mind. Learn more about our services below and schedule a free wellness session to get started today!


Lift heavy things (safely) to build muscle, burn fat and improve mobility


Restore your muscles after strength training 


Improve your mental health and reduce stress


Achieve optimal health through nutrition and lifestyle changes

Sports Performance

Improve strength, speed, and power for max performance 
ANCHOR Services
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As a fairly active person and marathoner, licensed yoga teacher and avid tennis player, I was no stranger to the gym so I was skeptical that I needed to spend a lot of money to keep and stay active. After my trial at ANCHOR, I set aside my skepticism and immediately signed up. The ANCHOR program is worth every penny! How do I know? Because I see a direct transfer of power from the gym to the tennis court. Specifically, after a month of very targeted strength training, I not only easily won my first two single matches of the season, but my groundstrokes were so strong that even my opponents noticed and asked what I had done differently in my tennis game.


— Liz Kim 

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