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3 Sleep Hacks…😴

I have previously posted regarding sleep and the basics to better sleep.

Here they are:

  1. Cut out your caffeine by noon. It is a stimulant and will keep you awake if you continue to drink it throughout the day. Instead, try drinking ½ bodyweight in ounces of water per day (+ electrolytes). Not only will it help your sleep, but your joints will feel better. and you will help your body function properly.

  2. Exercise! Research has shown that a regular exercise routine can improve sleep quality and duration. This can include both strength training, cardiovascular sessions, and yoga.

  3. Turn off your cell phone an hour prior to bedtime! The blue wavelength light makes us more alert and therefore makes it harder to fall asleep.

But, I recently have been doing a bit of personal trial and error to see what else I could do to get deeper sleep… and what a difference it has made!

  1. Nose Strips: You can grab these at any local pharmacy. 

  2. Eye Mask: Blacking out the room has been a huge difference. In general, my room is pretty dark, but almost 6 years ago came the baby monitor and we still use it for my little guy. The light from this has been driving me crazy and has definitely negatively impacted my sleep.

  3. Dream Recovery Mouth Tape:  * I know the company does NOT recommend using it if you are sick. Also, if you already have issues with breathing, probably not something to try either. 

But, these 3 things together have been a game changer for myself! It may not be the right fit for you but I wanted to share in case anyone out there could use a little more deep sleep. If you try any of these or one, let me know if it helps for you!

In Strength,


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