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The Biggest Wellness Trends for 2024

Every once in a while I head to Shape Magazine just to make sure I know what is being talked about and what is going on outside of my bubble.

I came across an article, "The Biggest Wellness Trends for 2024". 

Some, I can get behind. Some made me cringe.

  1. Bodycare: New skincare routines will be popping up. I’m going to take a guess and say more cancer causing chemicals will be lathered on our bodies in 2024. I of course had to google the top produce they recommended and check out the ingredient list. Over 20 ingredients. I didn’t know what any of these things were besides seed oils! Great way to take care of your skin - NOT! Let me tell you right now. This $h*t is not going to help your skin care. Same with nutrition. If you don’t know what the “food” is on the ingredient list, don’t put it in your mouth. Same with skin products. Don’t rub that $h*t on your skin! 

  2. Badminton: I’ll give them a thumbs up on this one. Movement is Medicine. Not much to say here.

  3. Slow Travel: More staycations and meditation retreats. I can get behind this. Our society is way too fast paced. We grind, we work hard, we live in fight or flight and leave ourselves exhausted. Spending more time on mindfulness/meditation will definitely be important in 2024. So, yes… slow the f*** down, relax, and just breathe again!

  4. Digital Detox: Heck yes! An average person in the U.S. spends 10 hours and 39 Minutes on a screen each day! Eek! We all know cell phones affect our physical and mental health. We get caught scrolling for hours on social media. Maybe trashing those apps from our phone will make you feel better overall and get you some TIME back (remember how you mentioned you didn’t have time to workout, move, do yoga for being too busy?) Maybe throwing out this time suck can help you find that self care time!

  5. Knockout Workouts: Once again, movement is medicine. You need to find something. The article mentions karate and jiu-jitsu.  Martial arts have been around forever and trending pretty well. Definitely a good amount locally in and around Kennett Square. Definitely a good way to knock out some stress.

  6. Big Talk: Deepening connections through meaningful conversations. Well, hello. Considering that we all fight and trash talk each other on social media, might be nice to see if individuals can hold conversations again and make eye contact. Especially these younger generations. I’ll take it. Go find your people. Make new friends. Head to a coffee shop or outside for a hike and talk. Find some deep, meaningful conversations and do so withOUT alcohol in the system.

  7. Even More Mocktails: More and more people are ditching alcohol. That is a good thing. More restaurants are coming up with fun mocktails! This is good! I would just recommend watching the sugar content in these mocktails!

So only one thing made me cringe. I’ll take it. Good job, SHAPE.


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