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Get more bang for your buck by breathing!

Adding an intentional full breath while performing the Alternating Banded Row, can greatly increase your performance, mobility and help with some other aches and pains.

We really want you to get the most bang for your buck doing any of the exercises we program while you're spending your precious time here in the gym. One of the newer movements our clients have seen recently is an Alternating Banded Row with an intentional breath being taken during the movement (you even you can do this with your gorilla rows as well).

Start by attaching a resistance band at about chest height, to a rig or squat rack (or any place that can safely handle the tension of the band). Taking either a staggered stance (stance in the video) or a hip width stance, whatever you're more comfortable with. You will be alternating your arms as you perform this movement...matching it with your breath.

Starting with your opposite arm and leg forward (right arm forward, left leg forward), if you're taking that staggered stance, you will row with your right arm by pulling that right shoulder down, driving your elbow to your hip, you will perform a band row. While you are rowing you will reach forward with the other arm, inhale a breath as you pull back, exhale as you come forward and bring the band back to starting position.

You should feel your chest expanding with your breath from the inside, exhale as you rotate back, and then inhale, exhale, inhale, feel that chest rise, exhale, inhale. With each breath, you should feel like you're getting a little bit bigger. With each inhale, you want to fill up from the bottom of you diaphragm all the way up to the top. If you start to feel those neck muscles working, then back off just a little bit, let your lungs and diaphragm do the work.

Although this type of breathing and exercising together may sound a bit complicated at first, it will take a few practice rounds, but once you get it, it will make a HUGE difference in how your movements feel and how much you get out of each exercise. If you have any questions at all, you know all the coaches are always happy to help!

- Coach Cali

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