At Anchor, we believe in helping you achieve balance in the body and the mind.  We offer massage and bodywork services to help you attain your health goals.  Incorporating massage into your routine is a natural next step in any healthy endeavor.  This is the missing piece of your betterment plan. Not only can you address pre-existing limitation but you will maintain a well-balanced, properly functioning body.

 Dominick Martino, is a licensed massage therapist, and registered yoga instructor.  With over 20 years of experience in the field, he has developed his own approach to massage. He incorporates varying styles of massage into his manual therapy and body work.   His background includes deep tissue, soft tissue, and sports therapy massage; as well as Myofascial, Trigger Point work, Traditional Thai Massage, and Myoskeletal Alignment.


Dominick is skilled in finding troublesome spots while easing pain and discomfort.  Working with patients recovering from injuries, who have recently been discharged from Physical Therapy or just in need of working out some knots. Dominick believes that healing is a process and that a patient and nurturing touch is the best path to results.  The intention is to help each client bring balance to their body, cultivate more awareness of posture and movement so that they each client is empowered to maintain healthy their habits as a result.


60 Minutes: $110

90 Minutes: $150