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Do you lead by example?

I have a 5 year old and 20 month old and I’m still soaking in and learning how to master this whole parenting thing.

I realize that parents are leaders. Just as the head of a company is a leader, or the coach of a team is the leader, and just as a teacher of a class is a leader, parents are leaders.

Lead by example!

As the heads of the family, parents need to lead by example. This not only includes things like character or integrity, but your language, mindset, tone of voice, and lastly which we will focus on today: your health.

As a parent you are a leader to your family. If you live an unhealthy life in regards to exercise and nutrition, there is a good chance your children will be the same way.

If you eat sugar cereal or muffins at breakfast there is a good chance your children will eat that too.

If you workout very sporadically, there is a good chance your children will follow your footsteps.

If you eat ice cream after dinner, there is a big chance your children will as well when they are adults.

We mimic our parents.

Now for a quick story. This past week I took my boys to a local playground. My 5 year old asked me to play tag. So, flip flops and all we started going back and forth chasing each other.

All of a sudden I’m on “base” and surrounded by 6 other kids.

Somehow, a game of tag with my son was now a full game with all the other kids on the playground.

I also realized how I don’t like being chased. HAHA. But, 7 total kids were chasing me as I ran up the playground steps, jumped from high heights and landed safely. I would sprint to base for a little breather (where I also got kicked in the shin and slapped in the stomach by one of the kids).

As I sat on base, I looked around curious where the other parents were. One was on his cell phone, 3 Moms were talking and pretty much not even paying attention to what was happening on the playground, and another one just sat there staring. I’m sure these parents just needed a break and that is why they brought their kids to the playground.

But, not only do I train for my health and to keep my strength as I age, I want to be able to play with my kids (and hopefully grandkids one day). I hope to be able to golf with them and swim in the ocean or hike. Or if it means chasing them around the local playground and watching them smile and laugh, it is worth it.

What are the things you want your children to mimic to be successful in their lives?

If it is hard to exercise and have good nutrition for yourself, then lead by example and live a healthy life to set the tone for your children!

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