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Did you watch the Blue Zones on Netflix?

Every time I turn around, someone is talking about the Blue Zones documentary on Netflix and asks me if I watched it or not. So, yes I have watched part of it, but I only needed to see a part of it.

I wanted to share with you a Podcast from Dr. Anthony Chaffee who had Dr. Bill Schindler on his recent Podcast. The Podcast is titled, What they REALLY Eat in the Blue Zones.

For those of you who know me, know that I have been a big fan of Dr. Bill Schindler and what he is doing down in Chestertown, MD at his restaurant, Modern Stone Age Kitchen.

In addition, he has traveled the world, done a ton of research on how to Eat Like a Human (his book). He recently was in Sardinia (one of the blue zones) where he did research. So, I wanted to share with you his first hand experience on the food they eat. Here is his website, Modern Stone Age Kitchen to learn more!

Hope you enjoy the podcast.

Until next time,

Eat nutrient dense foods :)

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