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11 Dietary Principles - From Weston A. Price Foundation

In the ever-evolving world of nutrition, finding reliable sources of information is crucial. The Weston A Price Foundation stands out as a beacon of knowledge, offering a wealth of insights into nutrition, recipes, and overall health. This blog explores the foundation's dietary principles, providing a roadmap for those seeking a wholesome approach to their well-being.

The Foundation's Dietary Principles:

  1. Avoid all refined and denatured foods: The foundation emphasizes steering clear of processed foods, focusing on the importance of whole, unaltered ingredients for optimal health.

  2. Include Animal Foods: Recognizing the nutritional value of animal products, the foundation advocates for the inclusion of quality animal foods in the diet.

  3. Eat Nutrient-Dense Foods: Prioritizing nutrient density, the foundation encourages the consumption of foods rich in essential vitamins and minerals.

  4. Enjoy Fats; Avoid Seed Oils: Embracing the role of fats in a balanced diet, the foundation recommends avoiding seed oils and opting for healthier fat sources.

  5. Use Unrefined Salt: Highlighting the significance of salt, the foundation promotes the use of unrefined salt for its mineral content.

  6. Bone Broth: Incorporating bone broth into soups, stews, and gravy is endorsed, recognizing its nourishing properties and contribution to overall health.

  7. Eat Some Animal Food Raw; Cook Most Plant Foods: Striking a balance between raw and cooked foods, the foundation suggests incorporating raw animal foods while cooking plant-based foods.

  8. Enjoy Lacto-Fermented Condiments and Beverages: Recognizing the benefits of fermentation, the foundation recommends the inclusion of lacto-fermented condiments and beverages for gut health.

  9. Prepare Seeds, Nuts, and Grains Properly: Emphasizing proper preparation techniques, the foundation guides individuals on enhancing the digestibility of seeds, nuts, and grains.

  10. Consume Animal Foods from Land and Sea: Diversifying protein sources, the foundation encourages the consumption of animal foods from both land and sea for a well-rounded diet.

  11. Emphasize Nutrient-Dense Foods Beforehand During Pregnancy, and for Growing Babies: Recognizing the critical periods of pregnancy and early development, the foundation underscores the importance of nutrient-dense foods during these stages.

Beyond providing principles, the Weston A Price Foundation offers a treasure trove of recipes on their website. Whether you're seeking culinary inspiration for your next meal or looking to align with their dietary guidelines, the extensive recipe collection caters to various tastes and preferences.

In a world inundated with dietary advice, the Weston A Price Foundation stands out for its comprehensive and practical approach to nutrition. By embracing these principles and exploring their diverse range of recipes, individuals can embark on a journey towards holistic well-being, one nourishing meal at a time. Visit their website for a plethora of ideas to elevate your culinary experience and support your health goals.

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