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Why Choose ANCHOR Life + Fitness for Your Wellness Journey?

When we first announced that we were opening our doors in October 2016, I often got asked if we were selling boats! While that would have been pretty cool, not sure Kennett Square would have been the best place for a boat store.

ANCHORs are designed to withstand extreme forces and keep vessels in place even during turbulent times.

Therefore, ANCHORs have come to symbolize stability and strength and a reminder to stay grounded during the most challenging sh!t storms life can throw at us.

At ANCHOR, our mission is to harness your strength, motivation and confidence so you can live your best life. If you have a strong body and mind, you can conquer anything life has to throw your way. And if you start this journey with a solid ANCHOR your success at overcoming the many obstacles will be monumental. As you start lifting heavier weights, you become harder to break. This is true both physically and mentally. If you are consistently lifting weights, other things fall into place. Improved mood, body composition, nutrition, confidence, mental health, and therefore overall health.

Our goal is to help keep YOU out of the hospital and doctors offices. And we want to help with any chronic disease that can be reversed or prevented through healthy lifestyle changes.

In our society today, our food is no longer food, stress is at an all time high, and we are so disconnected from our mind and body. 47% of adults in the US suffer from at least one chronic disease. These vary from cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and more. Then, we are given prescription drugs to help mask the symptoms and not get to the root problem, while some of these drugs have side effects worse than the original issue at hand. Sh*t, it’s easier to just pop a pill than show up at a gym 3-5 days per week. Showing up consistently is hard work. Lifting weights is hard work. Making time is hard work. Navigating life is hard work. We believe that setting a solid ANCHOR is the foundation for life. It is the one thing you can go back to, rely on, and use in our darkest times.

Isn’t the purpose of life to enjoy it? To be able to chase around the grandkids, be able to kick a ball with your kids, hike, walk the dogs and travel the world?

Can you show up for yourself for an hour a day? Whether that is to lift weights, meditate, yoga, walk, swim, bike, sauna, ice bath?? Some self care so you can continue to do the things you want to do? So that you can be strong in mind and body? We are here to be that ANCHOR. To remind you, educate, coach and support you through life.

We understand that motivation is what will help get you started on your journey. But, it only lasts about 7 days. So, getting into a consistent routine and dedicating yourself and your schedule to your strength and health journey is going to be so important. To get into a habit that will last a lifetime.

So, if you are ready to get stronger, improve your health to help prevent chronic disease, NOW is the time! Get ANCHORed and we will help guide you every step of the way!

THAT'S WHY WE ARE ANCHOR life + fitness.

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