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STRONG 45 Challenge - Recap & Results

Hi Everyone,

This past Wednesday, we had our Strong 45 Celebration! 

We had a special guest, Dr. Madhuri Sharma, who owns Flow Integrative Medicine and Primary Care in Wilmington, joined us. She guided us through 3 different Mocktails! They were delicious! If you are interested in learning more about how to become a patient with Dr. Sharma, check out her website!

These participants were incredible. From the first night of our kickoff meeting, I knew we had a special group that was ready and committed to making lifestyle changes…and the RESULTS showed this!

As a group, they accomplished the following:

  • Lost 62” from the beginning

  • Increased 1 Minute Pull-ups by 217 Total Reps

  • Lifted 240kg for deadlift from beginning test

  • Slam/Carry for time: KNocked of a total of 13 minutes and 5 seconds from their overall time!

I couldn’t be more excited for this group! The best part, none of them are ready to quit! They all received another healthy lifestyle journal for their next 45 days. Once they hand in the journal, they will re-do their testing and measurements! 

This group supported each other in our text thread. They gave each other recipe ideas and helped to hold each other accountable.  They focused on their health!

As a coach, it was so incredible to see these results. It’s why we all do what we do. No matter how tired, or unmotivated they were, they still SHOWED UP. 

Consistency > Intensity

We watched individuals who used to come in 1-2 times per week, show up 5-6 times per week plus get their healthy lifestyle checklist complete. We saw more smiles from individuals. Some mentioned less joint pain (no alcohol, no added sugar :) . Some of these individuals have added bigger goals to their list. Some have some hiking plans at the end of this year while others have committed to strength training and movement even while they are away in the summer. Some have decided to re-focus on their walking and increasing their time. Others have set limits on the amount of alcohol they will consume moving forward. 

I’m really excited to see the re-tests in the next 45 days!

Finally, our Spring 2024 STRONG 45 WINNER (who by the way wins a year class membership with us).... is: Robin Howell! Congratulations! If you see her in class be sure to give her a high five! She completed the highest percentage of daily lifestyle habits throughout the 45 days! Now, we didn’t even tell this group how they had a chance to win it all!!! It was awesome to see and read!

Our next STRONG 45 will take place this fall! Who will be the next winner and how will the winner be determined?! You will just have to wait and see :) 

Enjoy the weekend!

In Strength,


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