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Old School Snow Day

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

It's 2021, and due to the pandemic and technology, there are no longer snow days for kids. I'm not quite sure I agree with this. I am a HUGE supporter of education and doing anything possible to learn and grow, but I do believe we need a break from technology. Kids need to get outside and have the opportunity to play on a snow day. I don't think it will set them back if they miss a day or even a week because of snow. (I still remember the blizzard of '96 when I had an entire week off, and I think I turned out okay… well maybe not, but you know ;).

Life is too fast-paced these days. Sports schedules are packed with both school and club/travel teams. Students jam their schedules with every honors and AP class to ensure the transcript is excellent for getting into a good college and with a sports scholarship (a topic for another day). Don’t forget about the clubs and National Honor Society (you must show leadership and be well-rounded). Been there, done it. I get it. All these things are great, but we are always connected and going from one activity to the next. How many families actually sit down and eat dinner together these days?

If it snows, let the kids have a snow day. It’s an opportunity to slow down. Let the kids go out and play with their friends outside (of course, bundle up and wear the appropriate face coverings to stay safe with COVID), but let them have snowball fights, build forts, play football, and sled. Let them get some fresh air, get their heart beating, muscles moving, and have fun. Like with sports, playing unorganized pick-up games or snow day fun allows kids to develop self-esteem, regulate behavior and habits, learn leadership and communication skills, and learn patience and resilience.

Maybe as we get slowly back to “normal” or a “new normal” we can get back to the old school snow days. Shut the schools down, turn the computers off, leave the cell phones inside and just let the kids play.

I would love to hear your thoughts on having snow days versus keeping the kids learning in a virtual setting.

Until next time...Pick up heavy things and put them down!

- Charlene

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