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Drink Coffee? You May Need To Increase Your Sodium

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

Did you know that caffeine/coffee leads to sodium loss?

It is recommended to consume 3-5,000 mg of sodium per day for optimal health.

If you are sweating due to movement, you need to add 1,000 mg for each hour of movement/exercise.

2 cups of coffee = 600 mg of sodium loss

4 cups of coffee = 1,200 mg of sodium loss

6 cups of coffee = 1,800 mg of sodium loss

To stay hydrated, you need the electrolytes!

Some of my favorite options are Drink LMNT (ANCHOR has this in-house if you would like to try some).

Redmond Life also has some good electrolyte options.

Until next time,

Drink your water with electrolytes

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