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Alcohol, caffeine, and sugar are all addictive...but, they aren’t real “foods”

As I finish reading the book, Metabolic, by Dr. Robert H. Lustig, I had to share ONE more thing that hopefully will make you think..

“When you process and purify something, you change its properties. Coca leaves are

medicinal in Bolivia, but cocaine is a drug. Opium poppies were medicinal, but heroin is a drug. Caffeine is found in coffee (medicinal for many) but concentrated caffeine (e.g., in weight loss remedies) is a drug. In ancient times, sugar was a spice. Through the Industrial Revolution, it was a condiment. Now that it’s processed and purified, it’s a drug. How is this any different from refined sugar? Refined sucrose is the same compound found in fruit, but the fiber has been removed, and it’s been crystallized for purity. This process of purification turns sugar from food into a drug, just like alcohol and caffeine. And just like these addictive consumables, sugar is a food additive. The minute the dose exceeds the liver’s capacity to clear and metabolize it, it’s in the brain, driving rewards in all people and addiction in some. And it’s being added by Big Food to 74 percent of the food supply, because when they add it, we buy more.”

So, listen here… It isn’t your fault you're addicted to sugar. It is literally in the majority of our “foods.” I shouldn’t even say food. Processed $h*t that we consume. It’s so hard to get off of it. I get it. But, now that you are aware, YOU have to make changes to better your health. Stop consuming the “food” from BIG FOOD and start heading to the Farmer’s Market and local farms and consume REAL FOOD.

Even though we need to take a bio-individual approach to eating and we are all at different stages of our health and fitness journey, focus on consuming the following: It’s all about REAL, PROPERLY PREPARED FOOD.

Grass Fed/Grass Finished Organic cow, bison, etc.

Free Range Chickens and Eggs from those chickens

Wild Caught Fish

Fruits (blueberries, raspberries, strawberries)

Raw Milk, yogurt, fermented butter, kimchi, sauerkraut etc.

Cook in butter, lard, or tallow (no vegetable oils, please)

If eating bread, pasta, etc. choose sourdough

If you aren’t sure where you really stand health wise, head to see a Functional Medicine doctor who will dig deep and get to the ROOT CAUSE of your signs and symptoms, plus come up with a lifestyle plan and not just drugs with all of their side effects (and I’m talking about these metabolic diseases and CAN BE reversed through lifestyle change).

In Strength,


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