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A Nutrition Seminar You Don’t Want To Miss

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

Happy Friday!

Hope you all had a great week and will take some time this weekend to take care of yourself!

Check out the video below, but make sure you head over to Mindbody to register for the next nutrition seminar on Thursday, July 8th at 7:00PM! We will be bringing in a fabulous guest speaker who I call, “The Healer.”

Terry is an RN and holistic body worker who is also trained in Craniosacral Therapy, Osteopathic Manipulation, Reiki Master, SUJOK, Seichem, Munster Ki, Master Herbalist, and so much more!

This will kick off the direction of our Nutrition program at ANCHOR. Focusing on Traditional Chinese Medicine and The 5 Elements. Terry will be diving into the summer element (fire) and talk about foods and herbs that can assist when we are in excess or deficient.

On another note, I wanted to share a quote with you from Dan John, a well known strength and conditioning coach regarding nutrition. I asked some others this morning if they thought it was appropriate to share, and they all agreed it was good. We really need to dial the nutrition in to help prevent disease, stay healthy, and be able to live the life we all want to live without having to worry about scheduling doctors appointments all of the time as we age. I read this quote when I was in grad school and at the unhealthiest I had ever been and it got me thinking.

“Here’s an idea: eat like an adult. Stop eating fast food, stop eating kid’s cereal, knock it off with all the sweets and comfort foods, and ease up on the snacking. And don’t act like you don’t know this: eat more vegetables and fruits. Really, how difficult is this? Stop whining. Stop with the excuses. Act like an adult and stop eating like a television commercial. Grow up.”

—Dan John

When I read this quote back in grad school, I made some major changes after my first year. Sure, can it be as simple as this… yes and no. There’s a lot going on. We have (especially this past year) faced more stress and had to figure out how to cope with a global pandemic. Everyone copes in a different way, but hopefully moving forward we can find strategies that help to improve our health instead of throwing unhealthy food and beverages into our bodies. Remember, you only get ONE BODY and ONE SHOT to take care of it!

Until next week,

Get some Vitamin D, get some different movement in, and lift some heavy things!


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