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88% of Americans Are Metabolically Ill. Could You Be ONE of Them?

In his book, Metabolical, Dr. Robert Lustig states the following:

“The medical literature argues that 88 percent of Americans have some level of metabolic dysfunction that’s likely gone unrecognized, whether it’s fatty liver, high blood pressure, high blood uric acid (the cause of gout), high blood lipids, or high blood glucose. All of these are due in some measure to insulin resistance, which is due to metabolic dysfunction. Do those 88 percent of people know that they’re metabolically ill? Or is it that 88 percent of doctors don’t know what to look for? Do you really think your doctor is telling seven out of eight patients that their health is suboptimal? What would they advise if they did? If 88 percent of people have a problem, maybe it would be smart to assume you do, until such time as your doctor proves you don’t?”

Just think about this. With 88% of the population being metabolically ill, look at yourself, your partner, your children. Someone in your family is sick and oftentimes, we wait until $h*t gets really hard, before we make changes. These metabolic diseases (insulin resistance/type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and others) can be PREVENTED with proper lifestyle changes.

Here is the thing. MOTIVATION will NOT keep you going on your healthy lifestyle journey. You may be motivated one day (or heck, you may wait until a Monday or the New Year) but that motivation will only last 7 days at most. Even as a coach, half the time I don’t feel like getting my movement sessions in. But, I'm at a point where I feel like crap if I don’t. I’m telling you though, you can’t live and die by being motivated. So, time to switch the mindset. Some of us will live long (well into our 80s and 90s). But, do you want to be able to live long and enjoy your damn life traveling, playing, and seeing the world? Or are you okay being dependent on 4+ medications and in and out of the hospitals? I know for a fact I don’t want anyone else to have to wipe my @$$ as I age. The scary thing with this metabolic dysfunction is that children in their teens and 20s are already starting to show signs of metabolic dysfunction. It makes a difference how you treat your body from day one!

With lifestyle changes, fortunately our bodies can REVERSE these metabolic dysfunctions. But, you can commit and dedicate yourself.

Here are a few changes to make:

  1. Eat properly prepared, nutrient dense REAL FOOD (f*** the processed shit that is causing these diseases). Watch out for the SUGAR! (This is a bio-individual approach).

  2. Get moving. Start walking every day. Even if it is 10 minutes and try to increase that time by 5 minutes every 2 weeks.

  3. Start strength training. Got insulin resistance? This is one of the best ways to help reverse insulin resistance in combination with good nutrition.

  4. REDUCE or ELIMINATE alcohol. When you drink, it is in your system for up to 6 weeks. The RISKS outweigh the benefits. With our fast paced society, I understand the need to “get drunk” and the need to “relax” after a long day of work. Not only is this messing with your sleep and hormones it is increasing anxiety and depression. Want to feel more alive? Get rid of it. Yes, easier said than done. If you need to, grab a therapist (which I think we all need one to navigate this crazy life) and start working to help your mind/body/spirit. I truly believe most individuals have no clue how GOOD they can and should feel.

  5. Meditate. Download the insight timer app and start with 5 minutes first thing in the morning and before you head to bed. Time to reduce stress as stress can wreck havoc on your body as well.

Remember, you don’t have to start all of the above right away. Pick one thing at a time.

Let’s make changes and reduce the % of metabolically ill people. Don’t be a STATISTIC on the wrong side!

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