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180 Series - Meet Nicole

I want to introduce some awesome ANCHOR members who have put so much effort into their daily healthy lifestyle habits and have improved their overall health. 

Nicole joined us in July 2020. After numerous emails with Charlene during the lockdowns, she constantly contacted her to find out when they were opening again. Sure enough, she was there when the doors opened.

The best part of all of this, is where Nicole’s numbers have changed and her health has improved.

Here are some of the numbers (Shared with Permission):


January 2020: 282 mg/dL

December 2021: 212 mg/dL

Today: 101 mg/dL

Fasting Glucose: 

January 2020: 119 mg/dL

December 2021: 96 mg/dL

Today: 77 mg/dL

When Nicole first started with us, she would eat take-out or at a restaurant 3-4 times per week. Generally eating a ton of fried food and overall consuming huge amounts of food at each setting. In addition, Nicole would spend her weeks consuming a couple of alcoholic beverages during the week and would then “sometimes would binge drink (party) with friends and be hung over all weekend.” -Nicole’s words. Now, she rarely drinks at all.

Today, she grows her own fruits and veggies and buys meat (pork, cow) from a local farm and focuses on consuming real, nutrient dense foods.

Nicole has also decreased the amount of sweet treats she has. She also recently purchased a tub to do cold plunges in plus is an active member of our ANCHOR Outdoor Adventure Group.

Talk about a 180 degree turn! The best part is, I truly believe this is just the beginning for her and the sky's the limit in her health and fitness journey.

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