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10,000 Swing Challenge

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

I began the 10,000 swing challenge on Friday, April 2nd after some talking back and forth with Coach Cali and what our training should look like after our powerlifting meet. Seems like anytime I open my mouth, Cali jumps and somehow I am in as well. The next thing I know, she tells me that she did 500 swings and so the challenge begins. I have until May 1st to get these 10,000 swings in. Last year, all of us coaches did this challenge. However, I failed it by 1 day! Yep, ONE damn day. The reason?

We were given the green light to re-open after the lockdown. So, for one week, my entire brain and physical power went to re-opening. The new process to keep everyone safe. Masks, social distancing, hand sanitizer, stations, re-programming, taping of floors, walk-throughs, etc. For one week, that is all I could think of. That is why I missed completing this challenge by one day. (It obviously still bothers me that I didn’t complete it, so now it is time to get at it).

To my knowledge, Dan John (an elite strength & conditioning coach and author to numerous books including Mass Made Simple, Never Let Go, Intervention, and others) came up with this challenge. He programs the swings differently from how I am currently doing the challenge.

This is how he does it:

Set 1: 10 reps

Set 2: 15 reps

Set 3: 25 reps

Set 4: 50 reps Repeat 4 times.

Between each set of swings, add a strength move. For example, 10 swings followed by 1 press. Increase to 3 reps after the 50 swings. Rest 30–60 seconds and repeat.

It is also 2 days on, 1 day off and repeat.

For me, I go 6 days and do anywhere from 300–333 swings and up to 666 or 700 to make up for that one day off. I have mixed it up with 3 different size bells and rotate through.

Day 1:

6 KG bell - Kettlebell Warm-up (10 two-handed swings, 10 left-handed swings, 10-right handed swings, 10-alternating swings)

Rest. Repeat x 9 Rounds = 40 Swings x 9 sets = 360 Swings

Day 2:

24 KG bell Sets of 50. Every time bell goes down, 1 press L/R with 24KG)

300 Total Swings

Day 3:

32 KG bellSets of 25. Every time bell goes down, 1 get-up L/R with 24KG bell). Repeat beginning at day 1.

I have taken 2 days off so far and did 666 swings the one day and then 700 swings. Luckily, it was my 16KG bell day.

I obviously have an extra chip on my shoulder to complete this challenge after missing it by one day last year. But, I have noticed a huge difference from last year and it is due to 1 small lifestyle change. I quit drinking alcohol back in October and what a HUGE difference it has made.

Last year, I only did the swing challenge with the 16kg bell. I never went heavier. When I had to do the 666 swings last year, it took me 2 HOURS! This year, 30 minutes! Same bell size, same pattern for the swings (kettlebell warmup), and barely any rest time. I recover faster, conditioning feels good, and I am not wasting time. It all feels so good.

I have mentioned this challenge to some of you (with some eye rolls and a heck no :) However, I would love to get all of the ANCHOR crew to do this before the end of the year. I want to see you step outside your comfort zones. I want you to do something you never thought was possible. I think it would be an amazing experience and accomplishment. Plus, it is so good for the heart and lungs. The best part. You set a baseline to see where you are at and then do it 1x per year to track your progress. You can mix it up in so many ways and different weights, sets, reps, ladders. You name it. Why not give it a try and put yourself out there for a bit of a challenge? What’s the worst that could happen? :) You get stronger and improve your conditioning ;) Let’s do this!

So, I want to know… WHO IS IN?!

Until next time,

Go swing some bells!

- Charlene

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