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Utilizing the 4 Corners of the foot

The four corners of the feet are:

  1. The ball of the foot | the base mound of the big toe.

  2. The outer ball of the foot | the base mound of the little toe.

  3. Inner heel.

  4. Outer heel.

What our feet do:

  • Stand our ground

  • They are our main mode of transportation

  • Agility in sports and other activities - Running, cycling, jumping, hiking, football, rugby, long jump.


"Energetically" what this means is:

  • Our feet are the connection to the earth, & how we ground ourselves.

  • Determines how connected and how tall we stand.

  • How balanced we are.

  • How much power and strength we can cultivate & develop.

Too far back in heels.
Too far forward in toes.
Grounded in all 4 corners.
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