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Viparita Karani or Legs-Up-The-Wall Pose


Viparita Karani can ease a range of ailments including:

  • anxiety

  • headaches 

  • improves circulation

  • help reduce swelling lower extremities by redirecting lymph and other fluids from your ankles, knees, and pelvic organs to your upper body and head

  • activates the relaxation response (parasympathetic nervous system)’s a perfect pose to help you unwind before going to bed.

  • deactivates the stress response (sympathetic nervous system).

How To:

  1. Sit on the floor facing a wall.

  2. Lower your shoulders and head to the floor, lying on your side. 

  3. Roll onto your back and stretch your legs up the wall, with your feet hip-distance apart or whatever distance feels comfortable.

  4. Adjust your position by scooting your tailbone toward the wall. It doesn’t need to touch the wall.

  5. Find a comfortable position for your arms at your side, and palms turned up.

  6. Relax your arms and shoulders, then relax your legs against the wall.

  7. Focus on feeling the spine lengthen. Settle into the pose and breathe for 5-10 minutes.

  8. To come out of the pose, bend your knees and roll to your side. Remain here for a few breaths before using the strength of your arms to slowly push yourself back up to seated.

Starting Position
Cali_start legs up wall.jpg
Relaxed Pose Position
Cali_legs up wall.jpg

Extra Tips:

  • If you feel like your legs are splaying apart, loop a strap around your shins or thighs to secure them about hip-distance apart.

  • Place blankets under your head and hips to give you extra support and cushioning. Fold one blanket into a large square, and then fold it again into thirds, placing it under your hips about 12 inches away from the wall. Fold a second blanket to be used for cushioning your head in half, and place it about 3 feet away from the wall.