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 When computers and sitting at a desk are a normal part of all of our day to day “grinds”, it takes a toll on our bodies.   We are hunched over a keyboard for a very large portion of the day placing strain on our back, shoulders, neck and all the way to our jaws.  Did you know that stress

stress is one of the leading causes for TMJ pain?  Unfortunately, all of these aches and discomforts can carry forward to nighttime stress and result in poor sleep.  While “TMJ" symptoms can range from a simple annoying click when opening to full-blown debilitating discomfort; understanding how overall core strength, improved posture, and supportive therapies might conservatively help minimize discomfort are critical to keeping your day productive, as well as keeping your mind off your jaw and your hands out of the medicine cabinet.  That is why ANCHOR life + fitness is teaming up with Tamburrino Family Orthodontics and West Branch Distillery to provide an informative night (with some extra fun) on how you can help remedy these issues.  

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