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strong 45 challenge

Beat Inflammation for the prevention of chronic diseases.

Improve your health and heal your body.

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Do you suffer from: bloating, constipation, low energy, joint pain, irritable gut, skin rashes or arthritis?

If so, you MAY have inflammation!


Chronic inflammation is a disease that could be destroying your health from the inside out without you ever knowing it!  Inflammation is the body’s response to stress, pain, infection, and/or allergic reaction.  If left unchecked, chronic inflammation can lead to a myriad of diseases including chronic pain, IBS, skin rashes, arthritis, even heart disease and cancer.  

Take control of your inflammation and put the flames out once and for all with this energy boosting, inflammation beating training and nutrition program.


  • 12 Small Group Training Sessions

  • Unlimited ANCHOR Fit Classes

  • Unlimited Active Recovery

  • Daily Lifestyle Changes

  • Accountability

  • Whole Food Recipe Guide

  • Before/After Pictures

  • InBody Body Composition Measurements


We understand you want to live your best life…A life free of pain and disease. Taking control of your health is not easy, but with the right guide and custom plan we can get you there.


Cost: $424.99

Program begins September 25th and ends November 9th!

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