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Small Group

We have spend many hours developing new programs to give you the same great results, coaching, and accountability at a fraction of the cost!


Typically, those who wanted to train privately with our coaches, there have been two barriers, price, and availability of times. Typically the cost of private training either exceeds your budget or prevents a client from coming in as often as needed to achieve optimal results. Since we have some of the best coaches in the area, they are often booked during peak times which makes availability limited.

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  • Unique Training Template: Small group training clients will get a combination of strength training, performance, injury prevention, testing, additional progressions not possible in a larger setting.

  • Individual programming: Small group training clients will receive their own custom training template with specific progressions and regression to help them reach their goals faster than in the large group setting with more attention to detail.

  • High-level coaching and accountability: Small group clients will get the individual attention to detail and accountability that private training offers. All small group sessions will be tracked and monitored to ensure progress.

  • Small Class Size: Small group sessions normally have a 3-6 PEOPLE TO ENSURE CONSISTENCY AND RESULTS.

  • Cost-Effective: Small Group training is a great concept at ANCHOR that combines the best elements of all of our training programs:

    • Individual access to our amazing ANCHOR Coaches

    • Opportunity to work with like-minded ANCHOR clients

  • Exercise selection and templates not possible in a large group setting.

  • Faster Results!

*PLATINUM Package = 16 Training Sessions

*GOLD Package = 12 Training Sessions

*SILVER Package = 8 Training Sessions


Each Small Group Training package includes

FREE Unlimited access to our ANCHOR Fit and Active Recovery Classes.

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