Keeping a routine during this time

We are all facing an unprecedented event that most of us have never seen the likes of. Luckily, we are not alone. Not even as a country, but as a world. Our schedules have been thrown into a new normal of balancing work and home school time with the kids, extra time with our pets. We all want our “normal” back.

Right now is probably the hardest time to get into some sort of routine with the additional juggling of tasks and the extra stresses that we are not used to. Now, more than ever, exercise, yoga and meditation are key components in feeling better and getting through these rockier times. Motivation is going to be hard especially for those of you who are not used to working out at home, who enjoy our classes and being with your friends at the gym. But, we need to make the most of this time and take care of ourselves. The best way to do this, is to start planning your schedule either weekly or daily. Write down everything you have to do and assign a time to do it. Many of you are used to starting your day with a 6am class, showering and then heading into work. Don’t change that! Yes, you may now have the flexibility to sleep in, but don’t. Get up bright and early, get your workout in like you were used to doing. The second that you push it off, you will find a reason or an excuse to not get your workout in. You will get flooded with calls from work, your kids will need your help navigating their school, the dogs will need a walk, the chickens need to be fed, or whatever other craziness ensues for that day. One thing after another piles up and then it is dinner time. By that time, you're absolutely exhausted and by now it is probably happy hour and time to relax and shut off for a bit. Some of you are used to the noon classes. If that is one of you and you are working from home, don’t forget to stop and get up

during this time! You will feel better and be more productive the rest of the day!

Help yourself feel better and plan your days that include fitness and yoga. There are added hurdles in our lives right now, so take the time to relax, recover and de-stress in yoga. Be mindful of how much time you are sitting. It is so easy to get trapped on a computer and not move from it for 10, 12, 15 hours a day. Don’t do this to yourself! Take care of YOU!

It is okay in your daily schedule to put relaxation in, take a walk, read a book, and cook. It is your schedule, your life… do things that you enjoy and what works for you right now as you navigate this new norm. You may need more self-care than you previously needed. If that is the case, take it.