Why Women Should Lift Heavy

After 30 years of age, we begin losing muscle mass, as much as 3-8% each decade depending on how active or not active we are. We can’t just sit around and do nothing about that. Lifting heavy weights is important to maintain and increase muscle mass and bone density. With age, there is an increased risk of falling. Falling leads to broken hips and increased rate of mortality. Don’t you want to be able to have a good quality of life in your 60’s to 90’s? Don’t you want to be able to chase the grandkids around, take the dog for a walk, lift the groceries by yourself and not have to depend on other people to help you? What about posture? Maintaining a good posture helps prevent pain, and compensations in other muscles that often lead to injuries. It’s all about prevention now so that you can maintain that independence as you age. Prevent yourself from having to use a wheelchair or cane later on. Be independent. Yes, there’s genetics and luck as well, but doing everything you can now to prevent losing muscle mass and bone density is huge. Get ahead of it while you can.

“I'm going to get bulky. I want to tone up. I won't fit into my jeans. I'm going to get hurt. Lifting heavy is for men. I just need cardio.” These are the first things I hear every time someone is ready to change and start at ANCHOR. I’m here to tell you, why you NEED to lift heavy. There is a ton of fitness “knowledge” out there, all over the internet with different celebrity trainers guiding the way and telling people how fitness should be done. You can get a daily “work out” in any fitness magazine that you pick up on the shelves at the grocery store. The amount of information is mind blowing and most of it not supported by research or the organizations who should be the leaders in the field (American College of Sports Medicine, National Strength & Conditioning Association, StrongFirst, Functional Movement Systems, and others). So, if you finding your information in a fitness magazine, I’m begging you… stop now. Don’t listen to everything your best friend tells you when you get together for book club and wine night. Find a professional who knows the industry, spends time continuing their education, and will help you on your health and fitness journey. There are no such thing as quick fixes, or 30 minute abs. It takes hard work , dedication over time and learning of a new skill to progress over time to get you to meet your goals. Don’t avoid the heavy weights. Learn how to safely do them, get on a program and progress. It will all be worth it.

If you want to change your body composition, get stronger, and feel better overall, you need to lift heavy weights and come to the barbell class at ANCHOR. We start everyone in the kettlebell classes to learn the basics of lifting. How to breathe, how to brace, what you should and shouldn't be feeling. We progressively have you increase your weights in the kettlebell class and make sure you can lift safely. We dial in the technique. We also have members go through a barbell seminar to learn all of the lifts, accessory moves, and programming to help prepare you for class. We won’t even allow you to attend the seminar, unless we know you are ready to start throwing heavier weights around. After completion of th