Slowing Down

The time of year is fast approaching, when we find ourselves in the hustle and bustle of the HOLIDAYS . Whether it's searching around trying to find the perfect gift or traveling to see family and friends, the time between October 1 and January 1 always seems to be busy, stressful, and rushed. A great way to beat this feeling is finding calm within our daily lives. Finding that little bit of time for ourselves.

During your yoga practice do you notice your breathe? Do you notice your mind? Do you notice your movements? Can you notice these three things together simultaneously and FEEL them individually? You hear these cues in almost every class you attend. But can you really FEEL it? When you do, you might notice that you can control the breathing and the thoughts and the movements. You might feel yourself slowing down to match the natural breath instead of racing through the movements and having the breathe catch up. You might also notice when you are feeling rushed or when you are doing the rushing. No matter the practice you choose, whether its on or off the mat you can always slow it down. Don’t rush yourself to the finish. Enjoy what you are doing. Then you might begin to notice yourself slowing down in all aspects of your life as well, which is so important this time of year. So during this holiday season challenge yourself by finding the calm and staying ahead of the busy. Slow down the breathe, the mind, and the movement. Your ENTIRE being will thank you for it!