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  • Squat Focus Day 

  • Glute bridge & Turkish Get Up Focus Day

  • Bench/Floor Press Focus Day

  • Upper Body Pull/Row Focus Day

  • Deadlift/Hinge Focus Day

  • Ruck Day (bring your own weighted backpack/weighted vest walk to High School, workout out and walk back - weather permitting)

  • Simple & Sinister style workout 

Simple & Sinister

Is a StrongFirst program that helps to build strength and endurance without going overboard.  The workout normally consists of 10, Single Arm Swings every 30 seconds for 10+ minutes followed by 1 Turkish Get-up every minute for 10 minutes.  As with every session at ANCHOR we can provide you with progressions and regressions for each exercise to work with where you are at. 

We practice this workout every Sunday at ANCHOR and 

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