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Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. Reiki is “Universal Energy.”  Allow yourself to be relaxed and find a sense of calmness. This state of relaxation allows the internal energy to flow freely.   As the life energy is free-flowing, the risk or chance of sickness is decreased.  Come enjoy the complete mind, body, spirit experience and allow your body to feel a complete state of relaxation.  Some benefits of reiki include relieving stress, clears emotional blocks, balances chakras, pain relief, helps with depression and anxiety, and supports overall healing of mind and body. 


Schedule an appointment with our Reiki Master, Nicky, to start the healing process

Nicky Webber
RN, BSN, Reiki Master

Nicky began her nursing career as a LPN in 2011,  Associates in Nursing in 2018 and her Bachelor’s in Nursing at West Chester University. Her passion for helping others has taken a more holistic path focusing on preventative care. She received her first reiki session in 2017 which sparked her interest in energy work.  This first session began her journey in becoming a Reiki Master.  She is currently studying Sojuk (a Korean acupressure and acupuncture technique). Nicky's goal is to incorporate the theory of mind, body, spirit for complete and total wellness.  Nicky began as a member at Anchor in June of 2017.  She is currently training for Strong First certification at the end of 2021.  When she is not working she enjoys spending time doing yoga, working out, reading, enjoying the outdoors, spending time with her husband and two rescue Pitbulls.

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