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Your Workouts Should NOT Be Destroying You

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

When it comes to your workouts, you shouldn’t be destroying yourself to the point where you can’t get your “movement” session in the next day. First, I hate the word workout. Every day should be an opportunity to move. Your training structure will change depending on what your goal is, but the overall load needs to change so that you can be consistent.

If you want to structure your own workout, below is a template to help:

How I like to structure my own program is below (if I don’t have a specific goal and for more general fitness and strength):

SUNDAY: Weighted hike and/or a kettlebell

MONDAY: Squat focus: This generally is a front squat on the barbell

TUESDAY: Get-up Day

WEDNESDAY: Bench Day Barbell

THURSDAY: Kettlebell/Cardio

FRIDAY: Deadlift Day on Barbell

SATURDAY: Kettlebell

When it comes to structuring an individual program, this is how I like to do it (once again, depends on the goal):


5-10 minutes of cardio


Here I like to pattern the main movement of the lift and then add light weight gradually.

SQUAT Example: Face the wall squats, bodyweight squats, goblet squats.


Main Lift (Squat): Depending on where I am out, a good start is 5x5 (sets x reps).


Here, I will generally do a lift to support the main lift and/or adding in some corrective exercises. This may include some sort of core work, something to correct my hips from being off, or I may even get some yoga poses in depending on how I feel.


This may be the rower/assault bike and intervals or some sort of kettlebell complex.

If you need help structuring a program for yourself and your goals, send me a message and I’d be happy to help!

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