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You Need to Show Up!

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

After the completion of our 6 Week Transformation, I sat down with some participants and received feedback that stood out to me regarding ANCHOR in general.

When you first start with us, the beginning is like learning a new sport and body awareness. We teach bracing, hinging and squatting and meet you where you are with your movement and current fitness level. In my opinion, it's hard to really "get" what we do until you have spent close to a year with us. It takes a while to really understand body awareness. Practicing what we do takes mindfulness and consistency, and you also have to "show up." It is easy to come in each day and go through the movements and take class. But are you really showing up each day? Listen, there is nothing more that I want for everyone to have fun! I love the dancing, the laughter, and the relationships that are formed under our roof. It is also important to remember that you have to make an effort when you are in (to reach your goals). On days you feel good, ensure you are going heavy (safely). Make sure it is 100% effort. When you are resting, have fun and dance it out! But are you putting yourself in the best position to succeed and reach your goals? Are you taking care of the basics? Are you sleeping 8+ hours per night? Are you eating nutritious food that helps you lift and recover? Are you drinking a gallon of water a day? If you do come in on a crappy day (no sleep, high stress, whatever) then make sure you stay light and go through the motions of patterning your movements!

Remember to be mindful when you pick up heavy things, give 110% effort while in here, and you will be surprised at how much faster you get results. You got this!

Until next time,

Pick up heavy stuff and put it down!

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