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The Little Orange Bottle

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

I am currently reading, The Brain Fog Fix, by Dr. Mike Dow. There are two paragraphs that I wanted to share with you as it is something I have been preaching about for a while now, but need some reminders every now and then.

“I do understand that there’s a great deal of psychological power in that little orange bottle. It says, I’m a heavy hitter. I’ll make you feel better today. A doctor prescribed me, so I must be good for you.” You assume that this pill must obviously be more effective than changes in what you eat or how much light you’re exposed to. And if so-called natural remedies worked so well, why don’t the big pharmaceutical companies make prescription drugs out of them?

The answer is that in other countries, that’s exactly what they do. In Germany, St. John’s wort, a natural herb with antidepressant effects, is prescribed far more than Prozan or Paxil. The way U.S law is set up means you will find herbs and other natural remedies like St. John’s wort or turmeric in the food aisle instead of behind the pharmacy counter. And some natural remedies may be more effective in promoting good mood with fewer side effects compared to the drugs in the little orange bottles. In fact, most of the “side effects” of natural solutions like omega-3s include better skin, longer life, and decreased risk of many major diseases.

Speaking of drug-free remedies, what about psychotherapy? From a financial point of view, psychotherapy is far more expensive in the short term than paying for your generic Xanax or Prozac. And while the effects of six months of cognitive behavioral therapy can last a lifetime while the antidepressant effects of Prozac stop when you stop taking them, this long-term savings isn't very persuasive to your insurance company. But it’s not just your insurer; it’s you, too! Complying with therapy or lifestyle changes requires more hard work, commitment, and motivation than popping a pill–but it is well worth the effort (p. 92-93).

When I look at health and wellness, I try to control all of the factors that I know I can (considering my family health history is far from a passing grade). I have parents who are on high blood pressure and cholesterol meds, plus kidney disease, breast cancer survivor, and grandparents who had strokes and aneurysms and other forms of cancer. So, when it comes to my family who has had so many health issues, I have had no choice, but to control the factors that I can so that I can hopefully prevent as much of these as possible and be able to live without worrying about doctor’s appointments, prescription drugs, and my health. I want to be able to to chase my son, run up and down the stairs without being breathless, and do physical activities that I enjoy (hiking, mountain biking, etc) without ever having to worry if I am in shape or not. It is my family that led me to my passion and ultimately, career.

I know many people who are on these meds similar to my parents who still think it is okay to eat whatever they want, drink whatever they want, and sit because these pills will help them. But, it is so much more than that. You have to control what you can. Choose foods that are going to nourish and fuel you. Drink enough water. Be physically active. The list goes on.

I am in no way no way trying to take the place of your doctor. So please, always, consult with your doctor before making any changes to pharmaceutical pills. However, if possible, we should all do our best to limit the amount of pharmaceutical pills if it can be controlled from a healthy lifestyle change while working alongside a doctor. A lot of times, high blood pressure and cholesterol meds can be reduced or eliminated with improved body composition and healthy lifestyle changes. Yes, there are many diseases out there that certain people need to be on to help them live. I am referring to the meds that can be controlled by lifestyle changes.

Some other factors that many of us don’t consider are below:

Toxic Drinking Water: We need water for our health (a gallon a day keeps the doctor away :). When buying plastic water bottles, look for BPA-free versions. Glass or stainless steel bottles are a better option! If you are getting water delivered to your house, don’t let the bottles sit in the sun!

Cooking Equipment can make you sick: It is recommended to stick with cast iron or stainless steel compared to ceramic-based nonstick options.

Stagnant Indoor Air: There is a ton of dust mites and bacteria in your home. Open the windows when you can and bring some nature indoors to help reduce the amount of dust containing PCB toxins in your home. Also, take off your shoes and don’t wear them in your home. Grab some plants and place them throughout the house to help remove toxins. Some that are great and effective at cleaning the air include: areca palm, lady palm, bamboo palm, english ivy, Boston fern and others.

Lawn Care: Do you have the most beautiful lawn in your neighborhood? These chemicals could be harmful to you and your family. Think twice before using!

What small changes can and will you make in your life to make positive healthy lifestyle changes?

Until next time, Pick up heavy things and put them down!


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