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The ICE Man

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

I first learned about the term active recovery when I went for my first Gym Jones Level 1 Certification about 4 years ago. Previously, I had spent days after lifting weights being sore and would take rest days. These rest days would usually occur on the weekend and then I would come in on Monday and try to squat and feel like absolute garbage on Monday morning. How could this be? I was well rested and should have been good to go. But, my hips were always tight, I couldn’t hit depth until my 4th or 5th set and my warm-up would take too long.

Then, I went to Gym Jones and realized I was doing it all wrong! So, I did a trial run on myself. It started with hiking on the weekends. I definitely started feeling better. Then, I said screw it, let me do some swings and get-ups and some light barbell work on Sundays. Well, for me it was a game changer! I don’t walk on a squat day and feel like absolute dog shit. I feel ready to go. I can get the workload in that is programmed and feel great. Now, every Sunday, I make sure I move some sort of weights around. Nothing crazy. Usually a 12kg or 16kg bell. I keep it simple. Some sort of squat, carry, swing, and get-up. I play and see what feels good so that I can get back in on Monday an absolutely crush it.

An active recovery means doing a lower intensity movement after a high intensity workout using activities such as yoga, foam rolling, walking, hiking, and more. Or it can be done using lighter weights and movements. Over these next few months, we will be introducing new classes to you for active recovery.

You will notice in Mindbody that our classes are no longer listed as yoga, but now Active Recovery. We will continue to have yoga under this umbrella, but now open up for other options to recover. The harder you train, the harder you need to go during active recovery. Some of our new classes will include: foam rolling, dynamic movement, movement and mobility, deep breathing and introduction to Wim Hof/Iceman methods, hiking/biking and more! We have some fun pop up classes that will be taking place this fall along with new classes.

For those of you who have Unlimited Anchor Fit + 4 Yoga Classes per month, this now falls under Unlimited Anchor Fit + 4 Active Recovery classes per month. Nothing really changes besides the benefit of NEW class options to see what may work BEST for YOU during active recovery.

Give these new classes a try and be on the lookout for some awesome, new classes this Fall.

Until next time,

At the end of a shower, turn on the cold all the way for 15 seconds and just breathe with control.

Let’s GO!


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