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The First 30 Days at ANCHOR

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

Happy Friday!!!

I wanted to write today to help anyone who may be in their first 30 days or even their first year with us.

Thank goodness I had amazing mentors who guided me in the right direction when I was a young trainer/coach and first out of school. When I first started understanding movement and realizing that the old statement, “no pain is no gain” is absolute bullsh*t, it really has been something that I’ve had to try and teach in different ways over the years. At ANCHOR, our primary purpose first and foremost is to have you moving injury free and without PAIN! Pain does nothing good for the body. There is some sort of movement dysfunction happening. There may be an area that isn’t firing properly or maybe one side is firing and another side isn’t. There may be muscles that should be acting as accessory muscles but instead have had to take over for the primary movers. There are so many reasons why this happens, but pain is a warning sign to stop and be smart and tell your coaches. (We can normally help get you out of pain if it is just a movement issue).

The reason we start everyone off with a movement screen is to identify any movement issues. So, we may start you by deadlifting to a yoga block or even doing squats to a box and you may even feel like we are holding you back. I get it! You want to get a “workout” in. I actually hate the word workout. I like to look at it as a strength journey and movement practice or even training. But, wouldn’t you rather be able to train 5–7 days per week pain free instead of on and off inconsistently 1–2 times per week? Let me tell you, my whole goal is to get the majority of people who come in the door to be able to do a full depth squat and get stronger throughout that range of motion. Shoot, I even would love to see everyone hit a 1.5 times bodyweight deadlift in about a year to two years time. Things can’t be rushed. There are so many little things to make sure you do when it comes to movement. It truly is a strength journey. And you can’t outrun this strength journey. Trying to go with speed on this journey will only lead to injury.

I think it is still on the back wall, but I have, “Leave your ego at the door.” This was primarily for my athletes, but I think we all need to think about it. Trust me, I used to be the most competitive @$$ that ever walked around. I played for a great club soccer team in middle school and high school and we were f*cking good. Undefeated seasons, allowing the least amount of goals per game in the league. That whole team of mine had swagger and egos like no other. We were good. We played hard, we played aggressively, but we did play fair and within the rules of the game. We spent our practices playing against the boys and let me tell you, we would often beat them 1–0 or 2–1. They were hard practices and things would definitely get chippy. But, we had a special team and we freaking fought hard. So, even though you want to have swagger when you go out there for a tennis match, golf match, or if anyone else is still crazy enough to play soccer over 30 years of age (cough, Coach Liam, watch out for the ankles) in this day, I get it! I love competition and I still love pushing myself during my training session.

However, when it comes to this strength journey, it takes time to actually understand how to pick things up safely. It takes a lot of technique to do it right. (Sh*t, I still currently hire a coach on and off to clean up my form and take me to another level of fitness and strength and to help hold myself accountable). I learned a long time ago that I had to keep my ego out of the gym. I thought I knew so much coming out of grad school when it came to lifting. I didn’t know dog sh*t. I thought I was strong… hell no. I was weak. I didn’t understand anything until my mentors put me in my place. I’ve been training in this field for 13 years and I still have a ton to learn to help make you all stronger and healthier.

So, in your first 30 days with us, if you feel like things are moving a bit slower, step back and come talk to me or one of the coaches. If you don’t understand a cue or the why behind it, come ask. I promise, we aren’t trying to slow you down to torture you, but to help keep you safe, build a solid foundation of strength so that we can get you to do the fun movements (swing, snatch, clean, press, push press, jerk, barbell powerlifting movements and more) as you continue your strength journey. We get a ton of people who come in with a ton of experience from other places, but I promise, this one will be different. We have a lot to teach when it comes to technique and getting stronger. And it truly isn’t as easy as it sounds.

If you want to learn how to swing or get on the barbell, you have to start by going through our swing and barbell seminars. In order to get into the seminar, I need to see you deadlift the 40KG for 10 reps. Yes, I am first making sure you can complete it, but I need to see the technique as well. Then, I can begin to introduce you to the new movements.

So, I know you may come with a ton of experience, but this time around it will be different with us. We want you to understand what a strength journey is all about. I want you to have a 1.5x bodyweight deadlift, a half bodyweight press, a solid pushup, a solid (no kipping) pull-up, the ability to swing and do double swings, shoot, how about a double kettlebell press, or a strong barbell front squat. There is a lot to learn and we love teaching movement and strength to everyone.

So, if you are willing to come along for the ride, you will need to leave the ego at the door, be open to what we have to teach you and trust us. We want to see you get strong like a bull. We want to kick your @$$! (Just so you know, the easiest part of our job is to make you sweat and destroy you with intensity). That part is easy, but it isn’t necessarily the smart way to go through a journey. We want to keep you safe, build a foundation, push you outside your comfort zone when we know we can and when we know you are ready, but do it so you can enjoy life outside of our walls.

If you have any questions, please let me know! I’d be happy to guide you through it and talk more.

Until next time,

Enjoy the journey!

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