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Thanksgiving to Christmas Challenge

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

The holiday season has officially kicked off. It is the time of year when things get pretty crazy, and we overindulge in too many alcoholic beverages and sweets and let our routine take a back seat. But what if you still made yourself a priority during this time and kept up with movement and taking care of yourself to help with the stresses of the holiday season? It may mean getting up 10-15 minutes earlier per day to move!

This is why I am introducing the Thanksgiving to Christmas Movement Challenge!


There are 31 days from Thanksgiving to Christmas.

We are closed a few days around Christmas, so that gives us 29 days to get to ANCHOR.

Your goal: Get in for an ANCHOR class 23 out of the 29 possible days.

BONUS CHALLENGE (ICE, ICE, BABY): Jump in for a cold shower 3x per week.

Start by turning the shower all the way to cold for 15 seconds at the end. See if you can add 5-10 seconds each time.

Complete the challenge: Receive an ANCHOR T-shirt.


If you are not on a current fitness plan, the best thing to do is WALK! The goal will be to get outside and walk 20–30 minutes (45 minutes to an hour walk is BONUS) for 23 days between Thanksgiving and Christmas! You may need to get up earlier or go to bed earlier each day. No matter what, just get your movement in. If it is cold out, bundle up. If you need to a change in scenery, go to a different park or preserve to keep it interesting. If you are walking in the dark, be sure to have reflectors and a flashlight. Stay safe, and keep moving.


Good Luck!

Until Next Time,

Keep Moving!

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