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Powerlifting Meet Tomorrow

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

I am so excited because ten individuals are heading to their first powerlifting meet tomorrow. If you aren’t familiar with powerlifting, this is three events (back squat, bench, and deadlift) where competitors have three attempts in each movement to lift the heaviest weight they can! These individuals have been working their @$$es off all year for this moment! Now, it is time for their hard work to shine!

Even though this is a competition, it truly is a test of the hard work that has been put in (plus, being able to calm the nerves doing this in front of a crowd and in a singlet;). These individuals have started their journey with us either over the past year or have been with us for a few years. I’m pretty sure some of them never in their wildest dreams expected to be in a powerlifting meet. It has been amazing to watch their journey and see their progress! I’m excited to see how everything plays out tomorrow and can’t wait to share the details and stories once these ladies complete their first meet!

If you are interested in getting out of your comfort zone and have a goal in mind, or if you want to sit down and talk about different options for your fitness journey, send me an email so we can make it happen!

Until next time,

Pick up heavy things and put them down!


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