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Performance Goals

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

I’m pretty sure I have heard every health and fitness goal in the book at some point or another. I love when someone comes in with their goals and as they get a better understanding of what we do at ANCHOR it switches to more of a performance goal. Performance goals are a ton of fun, which leads to more consistency and therefore will lead to improved body composition which is usually the top goal that is always listed.

One of the top coaches in the industry, Bobby Maximus who used to coach at Gym Jones in Utah, has developed a series of fitness standards for both men and women (age doesn’t matter to him). Even though some of these standards may seem pretty far fetched, to work towards them only raises and improves your entire fitness level which improves your health and ability to conquer anything that life throws your way.

Below are the standards he developed:


  • Back squat: 1.5 times your body weight

  • Deadlift: 2 times your body weight

  • Front squat: 1.25 times your body weight

  • Overhead squat: Body weight

  • Bench press: Bodyweight

  • Power clean: Body weight

  • Turkish getup: half your body weight

  • 60-second fan bike: 40 calories

  • 500-meter Row: 1:45

  • 500-meter SkiErg: 1:45

  • 1,000-meter Row: 3:50

  • 1,000-meter SkiErg: 3:50

  • 2,000-meter row: 8:00

  • 2,000-meter ski: 8:00

  • 5,000-meter row: 22:30

  • 5,000-meter ski: 22:30

  • 1.5-mile Run: 9:00

  • 60-minute row: 12,500 meters

  • 60-minute ski: 12,500 meters

  • 10K run: 50 minutes


  • Back squat: 2 times your body weight

  • Deadlift: 2.5 times your body weight

  • Front squat: 1.5 times your body weight

  • Overhead squat: 1.25 times your body weight

  • Bench press: your body weight for 10 reps

  • Power clean: 1.25 times your body weight

  • Turkish getup: half your body weight

  • 60-second fan bike: 55 calories

  • 500-meter Row: 1:30

  • 500-meter SkiErg: 1:30 60-second fan bike: 55 calories

  • 1,000-meter Row: 3:30

  • 1,000-meter SkiErg: 3:30

  • 2,000-meter row: 7:00

  • 2,000-meter ski: 7:00

  • 5,000-meter row: 18:30

  • 5,000-meter ski: 18:30

  • 1.5-mile Run: 8:45

  • 60-minute row: 15,400 meters

  • 60-minute ski: 15,400 meters

  • 10K run: 50 minutes

Some of these goals seem very challenging. I like that it hits strength, aerobic (2K Row), and anaerobic systems (think kettlebell swings or 100M sprint). Do some of these standards seem absolutely hard? Definitely. Are you better at the strength standards compared to the cardio standards? It’s a great way to see where you are strongest and where you may need a program to help get you stronger in other areas. I do think they need to have standards according to age.

While these standards are set very high, I have some of my own personal goals and wish lists for anyone who steps foot in ANCHOR. I would love for each of you to focus on a minimum of 5 items on this list.

  • 1.5x bodyweight deadlift (men and women)

  • Bench: ¾ bodyweight

  • 2K Row (8 min women, 7 min men)

  • Squat: bodyweight

  • 1 push-up

  • Get-up: women (16kg, men 24kg)

  • 2 handed swing (24KG women, 32kg men)

  • 250 M Row in 1 minute or less

  • 10,000 Swing Challenge in 1 Month

  • Participate in a Powerlifting Event

  • Participate in the StrongFirst Tactical Strength Challenge

  • Attend a StrongFirst Certification Course

  • Move 7 days per week (could be yoga, hike, walk the dog)

  • Drink ½ your bodyweight in ounces per day

  • Meditate daily

  • Take daily self care time

  • Foam roll and stretch after class, hike or other physical activity

  • Get a massage, reiki, or acupuncture monthly

  • Eat food to help the body work optimally, to be able to lift heavy things, and for the prevention of disease

  • Get daily vitamin D (the real stuff… sun :) Even in the winter when it is hard to get out there.

  • Read a book

  • Laugh daily

  • Make health a priority and control what you can

  • Under the care of a doctor, get off any prescription medications that that can be controlled with a healthy lifestyle

I think if you can follow a minimum of 5 items on the above list, you are on the right direction for a healthy lifestyle journey. So, if your not sure what goals you want to set next or what direction you want to go with your health and fitness journey, grab some from the above lists and make that your focus.

I would love to hear what direction your heading and what you are thinking!

Until Next Time,

Make your health a priority!


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