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NEW Classes at ANCHOR!

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

Happy Friday!

We have some exciting news and changes that I am pretty pumped about! We are going to be expanding our yoga program and yoga will now fall under our Active Recovery program. Over the next few weeks, we will be trialing different active recovery classes that include foam rolling, movement and mobility (back again), Indian Clubs, breathing techniques, and more! Soon, you will see our current yoga schedule now under the Active Recovery Stability Yoga, for example.

So, yoga isn’t going anywhere, we are just adding different classes to help assist and meet your needs on a weekly basis. Some of these classes we have done at different times previously, but making sure that you are all actually getting in enough time to recover. The harder you train, the harder and more time needs to be spent on recovery. Shoot, maybe I should throw in a class called Chug a Gallon of Water ;). Just kidding!

This program will continue to evolve, grow and change over these next few months. I’m really excited to see how much it helps YOU stay stronger, feel better, get in more frequently so that you can continue to hit your health and fitness goals.

We will highlight different classes each week! So, give them a try and see how your body feels!

Quick side note: Saturdays are now going to be some sort of Carry variety or combination. Farmer Carry, Rack, bottoms up, overhead etc. Why? (Besides the fact that you think I go bat sh*t crazy every other week;), there are many benefits to doing this!

  1. Easiest way to get stronger: ab work and grip work

  2. Carrying 1 or 2 bells of a certain weight for time or distance can increase grip strength. (In this position, your hand, forearm and upper arm need to be contracted, shoulder has to stabilize, lat has to engage and your traps (upper neck) need to be able to support this movement).

  3. In this position, your balance and stability are challenged, leading to greater core stability and better posture! (Who doesn’t need to work on their posture with all of the hours we spend in front of computers).

  4. There is also the What the hell (WTH) effect! Any of the carries will lead to help with pressing, snatching and heavy swings.

  5. We spend too much damn time inside in our perfectly controlled environmental climates with heat and air conditioning. How about a change of pace? How about some extra time outside with fresh air?

Unless the weather is dangerous, Saturdays will be outside.

Answer to the everyday question: NO, you can’t wear gloves doing this. You won’t improve your grip strength. However, if it is 32 Degrees or below, I will allow gloves to prevent frostbite ;) But, you better choose a heavy bell… You are welcome!! HAHA ;)

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