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It’s back to school time! What’s for lunch?!

It’s back to school time!

We spend the summer months out of routine, heading to the beaches, laying by the pools, kids sporting events, long weekends and soaking up as much sun as possible. With all of this, we throw our routines out and kind of get into summer mode.

Well, now it's back to school and we get our routines back!

So, what are you making for the kids for lunch these days? Like most parents, we want our kids to eat well and feel good throughout their school day.

One of the biggest things you can do, is make sure they are getting the most nutrient dense version of whatever they eat every single day.

So, for the next 180 days… What are you making for lunch?

Often, it is some sort of sandwich. But, what bread do you use for the sandwich?

Please, if it is Dave’s Killer Bread, let’s maybe switch that out. It’s filled with too many ingredients, seed oils, sugar. Just because it is organic doesn’t mean it's “healthy.”

If you don’t mind spending some time baking/cooking, here is an awesome recipe from my friends at Modern Stone Age Kitchen in Chestertown, MD.

Now, for those of you in or near Kennett Square, they are only about an hour and 15 minutes away! So, head down there, grab all their loafs of bread and freeze them so you are set for the school year!

It’s making some small changes, consistently over time that will make a huge difference in the health of your child!


Send a message!

Good luck this school year and let’s get back to some good health and fitness routines!

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