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Immune System, Inflammation & Nutrition

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

Inflammation is generated by the body’s immune system. Our immune systems are very smart, but when out of balance, there are diseases and symptoms that can occur.

One huge impact to our immune system is our nutrition!

Here are some dietary things that impact the immune system:

  • Insufficient fiber: Not enough to support a healthy microbiome

  • Imbalanced macronutrients: Fats, proteins, and carbs

  • Inflammatory foods: Processed, refined, additives, preservatives

  • Micronutrient cofactor deficencies

  • Over or under consumption of calories

  • Glycation: Both from overcooked meats and hyperglycemia

Is there one way in the list above that you can improve your nutrition to help your immune system?

Until next time,

Eat well to improve your immune system


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