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If You Could Only Do One Movement Every Day, What Would You Choose?

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

During a training session when I was lifting with Coach Cali last week, she asked me this question.

We all have our favorite lifts in the gym (usually our strongest lift and what we are good at). But, if someone told you that you had to come to the gym and could only do one of these lifts/movements every day, what would you choose?

Even though I am absolutely obsessed with the deadlift and it is my strongest lift (compared to a bench or squat), I would choose the Turkish get-up. It is an amazing movement that works on full body strength, shoulder stabilization, core stabilization, hip mobilization and more.

Check out the link to learn about the forgotten benefits of the Turkish getup.

The best thing about the get-up is there are so many ways to progress it, add variety and get crazy strong. Plus, you can do get-ups with a dumbbell, kettlebell, barbell, sand bag, human, and chicken (haha yes, I have witnessed this and will need to find the video and share it soon).

I decided this would be a fun question for the rest of the team, so here are their responses below:

Dominick: Get-up because it is many moves in one and one must be mindful while doing it. I think of it as “the yoga of kettlebells.”

Nicky: Swing because it is a complete body workout.

Cali: Get-up because you can build mobility, stability, and strength all at once. Plus, depending on how you program it, you can sneakily do floor presses, lunges, glute bridges, and side planks-among others! #winning

Liam: I have three favorites (swing, squat, and get-up). I would probably have to say the swing. For overall strength it’s amazing and the benefits I see on the soccer field for being an old man is honestly quite impressive considering I don’t do a lot of running or zero to no interval runs. Plus, it can be one bell, two bells, one arm or two.

Leigh Anne: I would have to say the get-up because it forces my now ADD brain (thanks Char, ha ha) to slow down. I like the deliberateness (is that a word?) and intention of it. As Dom says, "It is the yoga of the strength world!"

Alyssa: I’m all about the get-up. Strength and stability all in one. I feel like it has the best transfer to everyday life.

Now, I want to hear from YOU! What MOVE would you choose and WHY?

Until Next Time,

Pick up heavy things and put them down


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