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Fitness Done Right Is Boring

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

This past week I was scrolling through Instagram and came across a post from Jon Goodman, an author and well respected leader in the fitness industry. The first sentence in his post, “Fitness done right is boring.” I saw that and stopped scrolling to read the rest of his post. I have included the full post below.

We are thrown a ton of information via social media these days. You will find many entertaining posts from fitness influencers. You will see made-up exercises, photoshopped pictures, detoxes, restrictive diets, and more. Things you see from the fitness influencers are neither healthy nor sustainable. Oh, and if there is a cute little duck face, just run the other way.

Fortunately, some good fitness professionals put material out there that you can learn from and help on your fitness journey. Most of the time, if what they say is simple and what they are doing is boring, you are usually on the right track and following some good people with good advice.

Remember, you can choose who you follow on Instagram, but keep in mind that there is some fake $h*t that is put out there. Choose wisely.

If you would like to follow some cool people on IG to learn more to help you on your fitness journey, there are some good ones out there. Their pages will most likely be pretty boring, but informative.

Until next time,

Follow some good trainers!

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