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5 Elements Theory and Fire - A Review

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

Last Thursday, we had our guest presenter, Terry, come talk to us about the Five Elements Theory, specifically focusing on fire and the herbs that can cool/balance the fire. This probably isn’t a way that you have looked at nutrition before, but if we can first look at the energy and balance it, eat foods in season (No, Not Muscle Milk), avoid processed foods, eat as close to the source as possible, we will be better off. I think nutrition gets over complicated and confusing with all the processed marketing campaigns that are out there. But, really, it can be quite simple if we avoid the noise. If we eat to give the body nutrients that it needs and to heal it, the body can do wonderful things for itself.

If what you are eating comes in a package, question it and look at the ingredients (cereals, protein bars, protein/energy drinks, protein powders), my guess is you probably won’t even know what half the ingredient list is or be able to pronounce it. They are full of chemicals and processed junky ingredients. Remember, if something says fat free, low fat, etc. it is most likely junk. Fat is good (good fat which includes avocado, nuts, etc.). We need it!

So, the next time you are food shopping, take a look at your cart and see how many boxes you have versus fruits, veggies, proteins, eggs. This will be a good first step.

I will have another email coming out within an hour that is a summary of notes from the nutrition talk last week. I did record it, however; the noise made it difficult to understand once we got to the herb section. The notes are very detailed and came directly from Terry. We will continue on this journey of nutrition, focusing on 5 elements and using food as thy medicine. Nicky will continue to head this program and take it to the next level. As Nicky’s mentor (and mine), Terry will continue to join us for special events to make sure we can provide the top nutrition education in order to make our health and lifestyle the most important thing.

Until next time,

Choose your food wisely and think about what you put in your cart at the store!


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