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  New Year, 

      New YOU

Too much consumption over the Holidays?

Feeling a little sluggish and tired?

Need a 2020 pick me up?

Join us for our ANCHOR Academy at a discounted rate!

ANCHOR Academy is everything you need to start your fitness journey!  We will guide you in proper training techniques while gearing you to "ANCHOR" your health and wellness.  Our knowledgable coaches and instructors, will teach you in an inspiring atmosphere that will make fitness a habit that is sustainable for life!

Package valued at over $500!

Package valued at over $500!

    What YOU get:

  • Goal Setting Session

  • 1 Personal Training Session

  • 1 Private Yoga Session

  • 8 ANCHOR Fit Classes

  • 8 Yoga Sessions

  • Nutrition Consult

  • Re-set Session



ANCHOR Academy

Private 1-on-1 goal setting and Movement Assessment

with an ANCHOR Coach. In this 60-minute session we will do basic movement screen to evaluate you your movement and review your health history to prepare a program specifically for you.


Private Personal Training Session

This session will help get you comfortable with the lifting movements as well as teach you how to properly pick up weight safely to keep you injury free.

IMG_0090 2.jpg

Private One-on-One Yoga Session.

Integrating yoga into your regular workout program is beneficial on many levels. A private yoga session will introduce you to yogic breathing, principles of alignment, and principles of movement of your body that apply while on and off the mat. Learn how to modify poses and use props to address your individual needs.

Access to 8 ANCHOR Fit classes.

These classes are guided by our awesome coaches and include strengthen training, mobility and conditioning. They are geared towards getting strong and feeling great to do normal day to day activities like climbing a flight of stairs or carrying your kids.


Private 20-minute nutrition consult.

We will review your eating habits and make simple changes to help improve your lifestyle.

Access to 8 Yoga classes.

Led by some of the most skilled instructors in the area, these classes will develop strength and balance of your body and mind. Classes are the perfect compliment to your ANCHOR Fit sessions, providing you with the opportunity for active recovery. No prior experience is needed as instructors will guide you safely, providing modifications for individual needs.

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