Move of the Month:

Continuing on from last month here are the other 2 lifts with their commands... to get you ready for your first Powerlifting Meet.

Squat Requirements

  • Your name gets called and you have a minute to unrack the weight and show you have complete control of the weight throughout the movement. 

  • The set up is important. Your lats are tight and pulled back, squeeze the bar with all your might, while "pulling" the bar down into the ground.

  • The referee will say, “Start,” which is your cue to squat to proper depth (hip crease below highest point of the knee) and explode back to starting unracked position.

  • Don’t move! Lock the legs once more and wait for the referee to say, “Rack,” before racking the weights. Then it’s time to look for the lights.

Bench Requirements

  • Your name will get called again and it’s time to set up.

  • Get VERY tight throughout the body. Engage the lats and squeeze the bar (sound familiar?).

  • Lift the bar off the rack – or get a bar hand off. Getting a bar hand off is very helpful because it helps you conserve energy. You might as well make the lift as easy as possible...right?

  • You’ll then hear the “Start” command. Slowly lower the bar down to your chest, or wherever you prefer pressing from.

  • From there, you will have to show the referees that you have brought the bar to a complete stop. The bar has to lie motionless on you. The more control you have bringing the bar down, the faster and easier it is to reach this point.

  • You’ll then get the “Press” command, and you press the bar back up to start position.

  • But don’t rack right away! Wait for the “Rack” command, and then finish the lift strong.