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MINDBODY App Instructions

Setting up your MindBody app:

  1. Go into your phone’s App store. You will most likely need to know your phone password to download the app, so have that available.

  2. Search for MindBody, the app is free and the icon will look like the picture above.

  3. After the app downloads click on the icon, which will take you to the Welcome to MINDBODY, sign in page.

  4. You have a choice to sign in with Facebook or continue with email. Whichever option you choose, you must make sure you use the same email address and properly spelled name (no nicknames) you gave to ANCHOR on your Health History form, this is how MINDBODY links your app with our system. If your Facebook login utilizes a different email, it is highly recommended that you use the email option OR let us know so we can switch the email.

  5. Create a good password that you will be able to remember easily, we do not get access to that information to help you if you forget in the future.

  6. Once you are signed in, you will be taken to the MINDBODY home page.

  7. On the top of the screen you want to search for  "ANCHOR life and fitness".  ANCHOR’s MINDBODY business page will show up.  (If you would like this page site to pop up quickly, tap the ❤️ next to the business name.)

  8. ANCHOR’s schedule will pop up.

  9. The classes you can sign up for will say “Book”, classes that say “Call” means that you either:

  • You have not been cleared to take the class, the coaches will tell you when you are cleared.

  • You have run out of classes.

  • You did not verify your email.

  • You are using a different email address than one given to ANCHOR.

  • Put a different name than the name given on your Health History Form.

  • Sometimes the app acts “glitchy” when MINDBODY does updates.  If you are having issues, please email or ask the Front Desk for help.

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